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The ADU Guidebook will give you information on the vital steps of a successful ADU development project.

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Developing an ADU has a lot of moving parts, our ADU eCourse will provide you with hands-on video tutorials and will equip you with important knowledge, information and inside secrets professionals don’t want you to know, it will guide on how to build an action plan and execute on it, most important it will empower you when dealing with the different professionals.

If you are just thinking about it, just starting the process or already deep into it, you need to have this eCourse.

  • Over 3 Hrs of Training Videos
  • Feasibility Report Sample
  • 3D Design Sample
  • Architectural Plans Sample
  • Structural Engineer Plan Sample
  • Storm Water Plan Sample
  • Energy Calculations Sample
  • Construction Contract Resources
  • Waiver & Release of Payments



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  • Over 3 Hrs of Training Videos – Valued at $397
  • ADU Development Guide Book (see content) – Valued at $29
  • Development Budget Sheet – Valued at $97
  • Design & Planning Budgeting Sheet – Valued at $97
  • Web-Based Site Map & Feasibility – Valued at $1,499
  • Construction Scope of Work Sample – Valued at $97
  • Construction Budgeting Sheet – Valued at $197
  • Qualify Your Contractors Document – Valued at $97
  • Premade ADU Construction or Design Plans – Valued at $448

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Paths of Development

What are the 3 main paths you can take to develop an ADU.

Development Process Overview

9 steps to a successful ADU development.

Market Research & Investment Analysis

The important information you need to gather and analyze before starting.

Budgeting & Financing

ADU development overall costs and how to finance them.

Feasibility Study & Site Map

How to conduct an ADU development potential analysis.

Hiring Design and Planning Team

Who are the design professionals you should hire.

Plan Check & Permit Expedite

The process of approving your project and getting a permit for construction.

Construction Scope of Work & Budgeting

Creating a detailed construction scope of work and budget.

Search & Qualify Contractors

How to hire the right contractor for your ADU project.

Construction Contract

Drafting the right construction contract to protect your investment.

Finish Materials Purchasing

Creating a budget and purchasing your finish materials.

Construction & Inspections

How to monitor construction and inspections the right way.



Extended Hard Cover ADU Guidebook Content

  • What is an ADU
  • What is a Junior ADU
  • California ADU laws
  • Market Research
  • ADU Financing
  • Budgeting
  • Feasibility Study
  • 50+ ADU Floor Plans & 3D Designs
  • Prefab and Manufactured ADU
  • Designing an ADU
  • Plans and Calculations
  • Permit Process
  • Contractors and Estimates
  • Finish Material Purchasing
  • Construction and Inspections
  • Garage Conversions
  • Cost of ADU Development
  • Legalize Unpermitted ADU
  • Interior Design and Decorating
  • Online Resources

Includes a Free Extended ADU Guidebook

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